Utilities - Power & Telco

This group of verticals are avid consumers of Genesis Integration solutions.

Command and Control

Large screen control rooms are used for surveillance, monitoring of factories, and network operation centers.  In these facilities, screens size, resolution, ambient lighting, sound, ergonomics and software applications all play a role.  This is true integration of furniture and atmosphere with IT hardware and software.

Corporate Briefing Centers

Genesis Integration works with our clients to develop corporate briefing centers which include digital signage and other audio visual features as well as the main auditorium which hosts hundreds or thousands of people for presentations and live shows.


Technology used in training is broad.  Training rooms fitted out with displays systems , audio and class capture give way to distance learning rooms with video conferencing which can also be augmented auditoriums that fit thousands of people for training and corporate communication.


Security of the of utilities, power and telcos is considered of national importance and fully deserving of the highest security requirements. For example, Genesis Integration works with a company called FLIR to deliver thermal imaging solutions that can see threats at up to 20 kms.

Fibre Optic

Our outside fiber optic work teams install fiber for Telco and major projects throughout the region. The same team are all certified for the level of fiber optic work required in Telco and Utilities installations.


Military communication is served by Genesis Integration communication team, who deliver IP networks, telephony, and wireless as well as other forms of communication such as microwaves, VSAT and more.

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