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Telecoms Regulatory Authority Command CERT Command Center

Introduction - CERT

Mandate - Control room which would server to house some of the brightest technology minds in the UAE telecoms industry.  To help maintain security and integrity of the countries internet and cable networks

Competition and Award 

  • After many demonstrations and even reference visits..
  • Several technologies, manufacturers were proposed by several vendors.  In the interest of longevity and to insure 24x7 working facility, the Planar LED rear projection cubes solution presented by Genesis Integration was chosen.

The Project Challenges 

  • Size of the rooms
  • Working with two teams
  • Maintenaing Security at all time 


  • Video Wall (Size)
  • Video Contrllers
  • Video and Audio Active components and extenders


  • 24x7 (60,000 hours
  • brightness (LED over traditional)
  • Front Access
  • Space between cubes never more than 0.007 cm
  • Hardware based video wall controller (not susceptible to typical PC issues security etc.)
  • Ability to put unlimited number of screens on the 8m x 1.2m screen in any combinations of pixels


  • A successful project, currently used to show and present all the data and graphics required to help CERT, TRA keep our Internet safe for us all to use.  Avoiding viruses, worms, DOS attacks etc.


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