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High tech Audio Visual Systems for Paris Sorbonne University on Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island

Genesis Integration under contract with Case Technology design and implement the latest in HDMI video over UTP in this multi language teaching institute. The project started with a requirement for the latest's and highest in specifications requirement from the client for this UAE edition of the famous French teaching institute which a French‐speaking higher education institution that has the goal to attract the best students from the UAE, and all over the Middle East.

From an early stage Genesis Integration design team recognized the requirement to put the latest in future proof high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) on traditional converged network UTP infrastructure. This would insure the highest quality video to the teachers display devices and a standard that would not be obsolete in the coming two years. To fill this requirement Crestron's DigitalMedia Solution was chosen for it's well thought out features; an integrated solution that anages, controls and distributes all analog and uncompressed HD digital content over twisted pair or fiber.

The other major part of the Sorbonne requirement was translation, due to its "French speaking" nature. Genesis chose Danish Interpretation Systems (DIS) to build a solution based on a high quality wireless infrared "Simultaneous Interpretation System". Classroom systems features: Each classroom had to output a quality video display independent of distance from the teachers desk to display or projector.

Interactive screens and boards would be used as teaching aids and insured that a standing teacher, in mid lecture would not have to return to her desk for interacting with her computer. Larger classrooms require audio reinforcement, and video conferencing possibilities via a video conferencing gateway, to facilitate quality connection to lecturers abroad.

Language Classrooms have a translator's booth and beginner language students would learn wearing wireless headsets. Music rooms required multiple inputs for various musical instruments, their microphones or vocal microphones. High grade Yamaha mixing equipment would be used to record musical compositions. Music rooms also included interactive displays and computer support.The buildings main "Robert Sorbon" Lecture Theatre is a larger space that required quality sound reinforcement as well as videoconference facilities and multiple large displays for displaying presentations, applications and even paper notes on the large display screens at the front of the theatre. An important feature in this room is the interactive pen display for annotation on presentation material, because today's audiences are accustomed to a different, more interactive kind of media usage and consumption. This lecture theatre is a three language space serving approximately 150 people.

"This education project was a pleasure, it had all the hallmarks of a tough project, with very serious deadlines. It is not often that we have the chance to bring best in class technology teaching aids to help such a celebrated teaching institution as Paris Sorbonne University. We are proud to have played a such a role to help PSU bring its heritage to its UAE‐based school graduates", said Tony Abou Jawad, Genesis Integration Director.Genesis Integration is a UAE based technology integration company with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we design product agnostic solutions based on the best fit, and it is our commitment to continue Integrating Innovation.

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