Awards & Certifications

Why Certify?

We at Genesis value certification. Certification, according to us is a hallmark of competence and Capability. Our credentials speak for themselves and are in most cases merited with our clients’ ‘stamp of approval’ as well. 

Genesis collaborates with some of the most loved and revered global brands such as LG, Bosch, Yamaha etc. We believe that brand awareness and brand recognition develop a sense of familiarity among our clientele and bring our worlds closer.


Additionally, certifying company relationships fosters a sense of brotherhood and motivates better performance. Certification also brings with it a sense of commitment. At Genesis, we believe strongly in loyalty. Our commitment to our principal manufacturers has remained unwavering over the years and continues building its solidarity with them.

Business Partners

We use quality products manufactured by our certified business partners. They include an elite list  encompassing

Staff Certification 

Our technical team and engineers are constantly updated with the latest breakthroughs in today’s dynamic digital world.

 Genesis boasts of a highly trained and certified staff which has been instrumental in delivering results and in improving existing infrastructure.

In addition, regular training programs are conducted for our employees in various fields of specialization to facilitate honing of interests.

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